Nothing Builds Buzz Like A Countdown Does!

One night in the Summer of 2010, a few friends in Austin, TX were hanging out on the back portch after supper drinking a few 'cold ones' and solving the problems of the day. Conversation turned to cool summer breezes and high energy bills and none of us could remember the last time we had changed our AC filters. If this was a problem for us (and it obviously was), then maybe it was a problem for others...and it was costing all of us money!

After months of designing and creating a device to measure the clogged air filters by measuring drops in Air pressure, we approached Big Box retailers ready to change the world. But we learned that they were only interested in reminding homeowners over standard time intervals such as 30 or 90 days. What a concept! People didn't need a complicated device to measure something they didn't even understand, they needed an easy and accessible long term countdown timer. We were off and running.

Since then, the Air Filter Change Reminder has found its way into thousands of homes all across the US as a featured product in both the Lennox and Carrier corporate stores. But we realized that our long term reminders were needed for other areas as well. Customers began requesting reminders for:

  • Health Checks and Annual Screenings
  • Pet Med reminders
  • Corporate Events and Sales Promotions
  • Oil Change and Auto Service Reminders
  • Wedding and Save the Date reminders
Since then, we've had the distinct pleasure to work with some of the most recognized brands in the US creating reminders for things we never imagined such as Immunizations, Movie releases, and Grammy Parties among others. We truly never dreamed that our initial idea around air filters would lead us to where we are today......the leading provider of Countdown Timer products in the US today! We are truly blessed and thankful and look forward to what tomorrow will bring!