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: Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services - Childhood Immunization

SUMMARY: The battle against infectious disease starts with Childhood immunization. Currently, there are 17 vaccine preventable diseases targeted by the CDC. State Health Departments are graded and ranked each year on their immunization coverage rates and must reach federally mandated coverage targets by 2020. (Healthy People 2020) This motivated the State of Missouri to think 'outside the box' for an innovative solution to drive coverage rates among babies during their first 2 years.

THE CHALLENGE: There are 26 vaccines recommended during the first 2 years of a baby's life. These are generally given over a recommended schedule ranging from 60 days to 180 days. Missouri wanted to make new parents more aware of the necessary vaccines recommended during this period AND provide them with an easy REMINDER that would educate their population and change their behavior.

THE SOLUTION: The Timeflyz Traveler Countdown Timer

Once we were made aware of the problem, we worked closely with experts at the Missouri Department of Health to devise a turnkey solution to help them achieve their objectives. The product HAD to run continuously for 2 yrs, so we added a 3v Maxell coin cell battery. It had to be EASY to program for ANY 30 day period, so we created a single push circuit that increased by 30 days with each push. Parents needed to bring it back on their next appointment, so we put a clip opening in the corner to encourage parents to clip it to a diaper bag. Adding a health diary on the back to record a summary of their child's status along with a custom LCD display capped off this very worthwhile project. As a final touch, we sourced a heart carabineer clip to create the emotional connection with the product and as a reminder of the importance of childhood immunization.

CASE STUDY 2: Merck Pharmaceutical

NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH: Pet Health Industry

SUMMARY: Current competitors like Bayer and Merial were dominating the market with brands such as Advantix and Frontline and their monthly dosages, which had become industry standard. MERCK was entering the market with a NEW Flea & Tick medicine in pill form with a dosage interval of 12 weeks! The obvious advantage for the consumer and the pet was fewer dosages and a longer lasting product. Extending the timeline effectiveness of each dose by 300% over the industry leaders was a HUGE competitive advantage for MERCK.

THE CHALLENGE: Changing consumer habits from 30 day dosages to 84 day dosages and Pet owners REMEMBERING to give the next dose

THE SOLUTION: The Pet Med Dog Tag Countdown Timer

After a series of brainstorming sessions, we developed a small, waterproof 84 day countdown timer designed to be worn on a dog's collar. We opted for a red led light to alert the owner instead of a digital beep so as not to distress the animal. The black rubberized coated finish created the look and feel of a high end retail product while staying within tight budget guidelines.